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Experience: Research

The members of BioGea Consultores are a part of the RNM-262 research group, "Biogeography, Diversity and Conservation" of the Department of Animal Biology of the Málaga University.

Among the lines of investigation that are carried out in the group, a lot of them in co-operation with the company, we can highlight some subjects applied to wildlife management and preservation.

Many results of research projects carried out by members of BioGea Consultores have been published in divulgation and science magazines of national and international reputation.

We have a close connection with the Málaga University, thanks to a collaboration agreement regarding research for the common use of equipment, installations and means, as well as scientific advisory for the company.

BioGea services can be hired under the name and reputation of the University via the OTRI.

C.IF. J.92.800.564